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WWE Hall of Fame Legend Mick Foley Wants You To Read Deadly Roses

Pro wrestling manager, "The Voice" Justin Michaels, makes a shocking discovery in his "Box O Boox" during his corona virus lockdown!

Pro wrestling manager, "The Voice" Justin Michaels, has a problem with On the Run and Twister Town!

WWE Legend "The Genius" Lanny Poffo Recommends Deadly Roses

WWE Legend "The Genius" Lanny Poffo Does A New Promo For On The Run

Former G.L.O.W. Superstar Sunny (AKA Patricia Summerland) And Former Pro Wrestler Ric Drasin Discuss On The Run During An Episode Of Ric's Corner

Patricia Summerland Sunny On The Run Promo 8-18-19

Former G.L.O.W. Superstar Sunny (AKA Patricia Summerland) Does A Promo For On The Run

    Former WWE Superstar And 3X ICW World Heavyweight Champion

        "The Genius" Lanny Poffo Does A Promo For On The Run

2X WWE World Heavyweight Champion And Then Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler With His Copies Of On Ice And Twister Town


A Spoiler-Free Review Of On the Run From NPM Books

"Scott Stevens is a remarkable writer, who completely understands what makes for a good story: action, suspense, humor, and great characters that have an energy that is contagious! On The Run is a fantastically great read !!" -- Kelly Watley, Net Galley

"If you like suspense thrillers, reading Scott Stevens is a must! I have read "Twister Town", "On Ice" and "On the Run"... All 3 kept me turning pages exuberantly! Thank you Scott... Can't wait for the next one!" - WWE Legend Brian Blair on Twitter

"On the Run is an intriguing page-turner where you feel like you’re looking over Dwight’s shoulder while he dives headfirst into a dangerous criminal world. With a desperation and nervousness that leaves the reader feeling the same way, Dwight keeps running forward despite not knowing exactly what he’s going to do with his next step." - Job Tyler Leach - Sunbury Press Review

"Scott has written one of the best releases of 2018! By chapter two I was hooked. Craftily weaved, a story of a nice guy who gets in a world of a mess. That's what being a nice guy has done for Dwight. Assisting his artist wife, Colleen, at an art festival in Miami, in a matter of hours his wife is missing and Dwight finds himself face to face with the Cuban Cartel. Not a good face to face either. They want a missing item and now poor Dwight has found himself on the run and looking for answers. If you happen to be looking for a new read, I promise you won't be disappointed." - Darlene Kreis, AKA professional wrestling diva extraordinaire, Delicious D - Facebook - On The Run 

"I highly recommend these books by Scott Stevens. Great reads!" - Paul Mecurio - Comedian and regular contributor on The Late Show

"Scott Stevens has done it again! This is such a well written book. I was immediately caught up with the characters and the storyline. You think you know where things are going, but you don’t. Follow the accidental meeting of a young couple. She has an abusive, deadly gang leading ex-boyfriend. Can they escape? There are so many twists and turns. I read this in one sitting. It definitely is a must read." - Amazon - Deadly Roses

"What can I say? This is the third book by Scott Stevens and he just keeps getting better. A couple have a booth at an art fair. A well paying customer ask to leave a package behind for his brother to pick up in a short while. This is not an unusual request so they agree. Unfortunately for them they allow the package to be picked up by the wrong person and great danger ensues. So many unexpected twist and turns. I must warn you this book is almost impossible to put down. I read it at one sitting, staying up till 2AM because of this. It really is a must read!" - Amazon - On The Run

"Buckle up for a whirling thrill ride! Twister Town is a finely crafted attention grabber that places you nicely on the edge of your seat, that you find yourself firmly gripped to, as you lose yourself in its fantastic story. It moves at a great and steady pace, so much so that I took the ride from start to finish in one sitting. The characters are really interesting and well written. Twister Town delivers a brilliant array of emotions, thoughts and images. It's fresh, fun and engaging from beginning to end. Do yourself a favor, visit Twister Town now and enjoy the journey. You won't be disappointed." - Amazon - Twister Town

"Deadly Roses is gripping, entertaining, romantic and exciting. I shed a tear or two, and for words from a book to bring out that emotion is quite something. It had me on the edge of my seat in many places and I would recommend this book to everyone. It is not my usual pick but when I read the outline I was hooked almost immediately and I will be reading other books by Scott Stevens for sure!" - Amazon - Deadly Roses


"Once again Scott Stevens has given us thrills and spills in abundance. Throughout you're thinking "just how is he going to get out of this one?", and page by page that feeling increases. Brilliant ending, thank you for another roller-coaster of tension." - Amazon - On The Run

"Five stars is not enough for this book. It keeps you in suspense from the very beginning which makes it difficult to put down. You can feel Emma's anguish as she tries to warn the townspeople of the impending tragedy and the frustration she feels when she can't." - Amazon - Twister Town

“A fine read, one with a touch of realism, hope, despair, grittiness, and larger than life characters. Highly recommended!” - Amazon - Deadly Roses

“If you’re going to read this book, make sure you have nothing else to do for the rest of the day because you won’t be able to put it down! I couldn’t wait to get to the next chapter. There were so many twists and turns to the plot, I could never guess what was going to happen next. The last chapter neatly wrapped up the story and I loved it. It’s as good as any book written by a very well-known, famous author who shall remain nameless (JP).” - Amazon - On The Run

"This book takes the reader through the weather event of the decade. As events unfold, it's as if you're experiencing small-town Midwestern life firsthand. A true page-turner." - Amazon - Twister Town

"5 Stars! Loved it! Another phenomenal page-turner from Scott Stevens! I have read all of his books and he just keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time! Once you start this book I guarantee you will not be able to put it down! Enjoy!" - Amazon - Deadly Roses


"Scott Stevens knows how to write a thriller and keep you moving on to the next page. The author creates some very good characters, likable and truly engaging. I enjoyed the plot, and guessed the book's direction wrong, quite a few times, which is nice." - Amazon - On Ice

"This book was a page-turner, full of excitement and twists & turns. I found that I didn't want to put the book down. The ending was something you would never expect! Do NOT miss this one. This author should be commended for such a wonderful, suspenseful drama!" - Amazon - On Ice


"When you read a lot of crime thrillers, your mind gets set in a pattern so that you know that if the girl gets into the stranger's car it is not going to end well. This book sucked me in so much I really did not see the end coming in a million years. It is just pure genius. I liked the epilogue as it told details of the main character, John Kinkaid. It was in simple terms, no fancy wording and easy to read. Straight to the point, much like the rest of the book. It is difficult to review this book without giving too much away other than saying it is the best book I’ve read in a long, long time. It's my favorite and would make a hell of a film. I wish I could give it more than 5 stars!" - Amazon - On Ice

"I bought this book and read it in a day. From the get-go, I was hooked. The characters are likable, intriguing and enthralling. The easily readable style shows more of a seasoned author than a new one. Scott Stevens is not going to be a 'new author' for long, as he's going to be up there with the greats really soon." - Goodreads - On Ice

"All I can say is after reading thousands of books, this is the first time in ages that I had no idea what was going to happen. Think you have it figured out? Read it to the end. You don't!" - Amazon - On Ice

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